Pietre's Plight

The Story So Far
Keep on the What Now?

Pietre, paladin of Pelor, and his companions, an enigmatic drow and a gregarious human, have taken on the task of infiltrating the abandoned keep near the cozy town of Winterhaven. Deep inside this keep is an evil cleric of Orcus, Kalrel, attempting to open a portal to the Shadowfell.

Pietre and his companions, at times including an elderly dwarven Cleric, an insane halfing Sorceror, and an easily distracted teifling Warlord, have cleared the town of Winterhaven of its most immediate threats before moving into the keep proper. Kobold hideouts have fallen, gnomish tricksters have been defeated to reunite families, and treacherous elven necromancers have been slain, all to keep the town safe.

With Winterhaven secure, the group has forayed into the depths of the keep, clearing out goblins and undead to meet an ancient warrior, with whom they parlayed and gained valuable information. Now, they must fight through the final levels of the keep to find the portal chamber itself, and the final showdown with Kalrel!


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